AeroMesh – How To Boost Your Internet In Rural Settings

The AeroMesh is a connectivity solution in rural settings that can provide internet on the fringe of mobile coverage, and optionally extend it to other locations very far away.

The AeroMesh is suitable for very high-speed connection requirements, or very rural deployments. It will deliver the best possible internet experience from the existing LTE 4G network, with no expensive satellite subscriptions!

  • Solar-powered Off-Grid design
  • Very-Fast Internet speeds
  • No expensive Satelite subscription
  • Creates a local WIFI Hotspot
  • Long-range 900MHz Mesh networking (optional)
  • Works in bad weather
  • 5m telescopic mast
  • Easy installation:
    1. Install the mast
    2. Insert a BYO Sim Card and fit it to the mast
    3. Turn on

Three devices in one

The AeroMesh combines a Premium LTE Class A modem, WIFI router, and Ultra-Long-Range Mesh Node (optional), all in one unit. The modem connects you to the Internet, the router connects your devices to WiFi and the Mesh node allows you to extend the coverage to other AeroMesh nodes spaced up to 50km apart (with 60% fresnel zone clearance).

The AeroMesh uses a BYO nano-SIM and covers the Telstra 4GX, Optus 4G+, and Vodafone/TPG Mobile 4G networks with 3G fallback. Currently, the most economical option in Australia for unlimited data is the Felix Mobile plan for just $35/month.

Get the best possible range

The AeroMesh is especially well suited for areas with poor signals (>15km to a tower is possible). The ultra-sensitive LTE modem can process weak signals much more effectively than lower category modems, maximizing the signal and delivering the best possible data speeds.

Get the fastest possible speeds

The AeroMesh provides superior high-speed mobile data rates up to 600Mbps down and 150Mbps up – providing fast and reliable internet services to multiple users, allowing you to live-stream content uninterrupted, download large files quickly, upload your HD videos in a flash,  make WiFi calls, or play your favorite games in ultra-low latency!

The AeroMesh is currently undergoing trials in the Tamworth Area. Contact us today to join our rural internet pilot program!