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Our system is designed to be completely autonomous. We have optimised the workflow so no piloting skills are required. A few taps on our custom-built tablet app is all that is needed to launch a mission, send the drone flying and receive the results.


We incorporated three different types of advanced cameras into our custom drone. A pre-installed visual, thermal and multispectral camera forego the need for costly hardware upgrades and cover a wide range of use cases.


We place particular importance in the reliability of our system. Based in the heart of rural Australia we know how extreme the weather conditions can become. This is why our drone is designed to endure even the harshest conditions of rain, dust and heat.

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Richard Manning

Director & CFO

From jackeroo to regional manager, Richard has participated in every side of the agriculture industry.

This knowledge proved essential in his thirty years of entrepreneurship. His most recent agritech venture: Interactive Wool Group reached worldwide success and was later acquired by BSC Electronics.

Now as the director of Australian Aeronautics, Richard uses his vast business experience to steer the company in the right direction.

Mike Carter

Operations Manager


Educated as an aeronautical engineer, our operations manager has the necessary background to understand the technical challenges of the company.

His decade of experience working for QANTAS Airways in roles ranging from Business Analyst to Algorithm Lead allow him to understand our business holistically: from the detail level to the bigger picture view.

Pragmatic, he knows which tradeoffs have to be made for successful commercialisation of an engineering product.

John Stokes

Production Manager


As a highly experienced aircraft maintenance professional, he will be in his element when overseeing the production and maintenance of the HoverWatch fleet.

While working for Ansett Airlines and BAE systems, he serviced an extensive number of aircraft types. The HoverCell will just be another addition to this list.

Having led and trained engineering teams in aircraft maintenance, he has developed excellent management skills. These will prove invaluable in his role as production manager.

Brandon Chung


Educated as an aeronautical engineer with specialization in software engineering.

He has worked for QANTAS Airways as a Quality Assurance Engineer.

He is a pragmatic and highly skilled software developer with a unique background in Aeronautical and Aviation.



We are looking for exceptional software developers.

If you think you are a suitable candidate please send us your CV.

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