Our core values


Sovereign Manufacturing

We bring together sovereign manufacturing processes and highly-skilled engineers to take control of our designs and develop high-quality customised products.

Research & Development

Using the latest in design tools and CAD software we strive for a holistic "research-to-design" approach. Our designs are built on real-world data, testing and design validation.


We place particular importance in the reliability of our systems. Based in the heart of rural Australia we know how extreme the weather conditions can become.

Our Products

Australian Aeronautics combines the three pillars of Robotics; Electronics, Mechanics, and Software, to create unique drone and communications products for the harsh Australian environment.

AeroMesh – How To Boost Your Internet In Rural Settings

The AeroMesh is a connectivity solution in rural settings that can provide internet on the fringe of mobile coverage.

HoverGen – How to Boost your UAV flight time

The HoverGen is a Hybrid Petrol/Electric Generator designed to power large Multicopters and VTOL UAVs.

HoverCell – How to Boost your UAV Productivity

The HoverCell is a Hybrid Petrol/Electric Multicopter designed for high productivity and long flight endurance.

HoverWatch – How to Automate your UAV Operations

HoverWatch is a Patent PendingFully Automatic “Drone-in-a-Box” Solution for Remote Data Collection.

Our Manufacturing Capability

Electronic Design

Electronic design feature video

  • Electronic solution creation
  • Schematic design
  • Printed circuit board layout
  • Component population
  • General assembly
  • Test jigs
  • Firmware loading
  • Testing & quality control
  • Small production runs

Product Development

Product development feature video

  • Product solution creation
  • 3D modeling
  • Reverse-engineering
  • Modifications/Enhancements
  • Computer-aided design
  • Virtual product assembly
  • Electronics integration
  • 3D printing – composites & plastics
  • CNC machining – composites, plastics and soft metals
  • Assembly jigs
  • Design validation
  • Testing and quality control
  • Small production runs

Embedded Software Development

  • Microcontroller firmware and sensor drivers
  • Embedded communications and device connectivity
  • Linux software and networking
  • Languages include: C/C++, Python, Java, Javascript, HTML
  • Mobile and desktop App development
  • Testing and quality control

Meet Our Team

Richard Manning

Director & CFO

From jackeroo to regional manager, Richard has participated in every side of the agriculture industry.

This knowledge proved essential in his thirty years of entrepreneurship. His most recent agritech venture: Interactive Wool Group reached worldwide success and was later acquired by BSC Electronics.

Now as a director of Australian Aeronautics, Richard uses his vast business experience to steer the company in the right direction.

Mike Carter

Operations Manager


Educated as an aeronautical engineer, our operations manager has the necessary background to understand the technical challenges of the company.

His decade of experience working for QANTAS Airways in roles ranging from Business Analyst to Algorithm Lead allow him to understand our business holistically: from the detail level to the bigger picture view.

Pragmatic, he knows which tradeoffs have to be made for successful commercialisation of an engineering product.

Brandon Chung



Brandon is a first Class honour Aerospace Engineer from the University of Sydney.

He has worked at Boeing Defence Australia as a Software engineer, supporting the E-7A Wedgetail project. He also took on extra responsibility in Boeing's Aircraft Structural Integrity sector.

After two years in Defence, Brandon moved on to become a Senior Quality Assurance / Software Engineer at Qantas, where he worked on the Flight Planning, Constellation project that is pivotal for Project Sunrise ultra-long flight.



We are looking for a Product Owner to help commercialise and bring our products to market.

If you think you are a suitable candidate please send us your CV.



We are looking for an embedded software developer.

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We are looking for a Junior Mechatronics Engineer.

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